Stop the trauma

Every day and every hour of separation hurts. That’s why we work with experienced immigration lawyers to get parents on planes, not in cars. We reunite families using the fastest, safest transport. We do everything with a sense of urgency, because time is precious. We don’t wait on our cases.

Start the healing

Parents and children need qualified people around them to meet their expressed needs in a comfortable and safe environment. Reporters, cameras, and retelling their ordeal can sometimes prolong trauma. We let families chose when and how to tell their own stories; we don’t tell them for them, ever. And we advocate for them when they need help saying no.

Partners make a difference

We coordinate with experienced immigration lawyers and social services organizations with proven track records to get the very best options and services for parents and children. We rely on experts, and we fill in the gap in a system that was never designed for parents and children to be split apart, often by thousands of miles. Our utmost concern is that well-meaning intentions don’t turn into inadvertent harm in sensitive situations.

Raise awareness not ratings

We know emotional connections are important, but a dynamic where parents are exposed and give public credit to others for surviving their ordeal isn’t in line with our ethics. These are their stories, not ours. We have a strict privacy policy: we do not allow volunteers to take pictures with families or talk about the work publicly or on social media. We trust knowing you’re a part of a thoughtful, first-rate effort that puts parents and children first is enough.