A network of volunteers.


We started as a small group of concerned moms in NYC and Boston, and in the past month our network of volunteers has grown to 46 states. We are parents, siblings, daughters and sons; we work in many professions. We coordinate with established organizations such as RAICES, Lutheran Services, Annunciation House and others, to fill in the gaps.  

We let the experts be the experts and we assist where unexpected needs arise in this unprecedented situation. So far we have picked up reunited families from shelters, taken them to places where they can shower and rest, cooked them food, bought them new clothes to replace the ones they were given in prison, provided medicine for a cough their child picked up at the shelter, given them phones, drove them to the airport and helped them through security, and brought them to their final destination when their relatives weren’t able to.

To date we have helped over 50 families and funded it all ourselves, with the help of family and friends. However as the trickle of reunification escalates into thousands of families needing support for an extended period-of-time across the US, our volunteer work has only just begun.  We are expanding a model of service that leverages existing and national networks to provide local support, and hope to rapidly scale these efforts in more cities.